Radiation Monitoring Devices (RMD)

Radiation Detection, Imaging, Nuclear Instruments, and Non-Destructive Testing

Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc. (RMD), is recognized worldwide as a foremost expert in the fields of radiation detection and imaging, nuclear instrumentation, and non-destructive test equipment. Since 1974 RMD’s mission has been to conduct world-class research and develop industry-leading commercial products. Today, that mission is undertaken by more than 60 scientists and engineers who are more often shaping materials research and development rather than following it. Its research and products are utilized in a wide range of scientific fields, from space exploration to particle physics, and from nuclear security and safeguards to clinical diagnoses and environmental research. It holds a vast portfolio of intellectual property, including over 72 granted U.S. patents.

U.S. government agencies, including the DHS, DoE, DTRA, DoD, NIH, and NASA support RMD’s work in developing specialized radiation detection technologies to make the world a safer and healthier place. RMD has been the recipient of two Tibbett’s Award in recognition of its outstanding contributions to the SBIR program. It is also a recipient of the Small Business Achievement Award from the DHS. RMD has successfully commercialized its research into many new technologies. RMD is passionate about working on the most cutting-edge technologies in radiation detection and high-speed imaging and invites inquiries from collaborators, research partners, and customers.