Strontium Iodide

Strontium Iodide

Strontium Iodide

SrI2 (SrI2:Eu): Strontium Iodide scintillators enable high resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy because of the high light output and exceptional linearity of the material. SrI2:Eu performs well at both high and low energies. Lack of intrinsic radioactivity reduces background counts and reduces false alarms.

SrI2 (SrI2:Eu): Strontium Iodide ScintillatorStrontium Iodide scintillators can be used in a range of hand-held Personal Radiation Detection (PRDs) instruments, as well as medical, industrial, and environmental applications. Packaged SrI2:Eu scintillators can easily be incorporated into hand-held radiation detectors to enhance their performance considerably when compared to a Thallium-doped Sodium Iodide (NaI:Tl) scintillator.

SrI2, used as a scintillation gamma radiation detector, is typically doped with europium, due to its optical clarity, relatively high density, high effective atomic number (Z=48), and high scintillation light yield.

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  • Material: SrI2:Eu
  • Melting Point: 538°C
  • Density: 4.59 g/cm3
  • Zeff: 49
  • Crystal Structure: Orthorhombic
  • Water Solubility: Hygroscopic
  • Refractive Index: 1.85
  • CTE: 2.164 x 10-5/°C (lattice b)
  • Emission Spectral Range: 400 – 480 nm
  • Peak Scintillation Wavelength: ~ 435 nm
  • Decay Constants (Eu2+): 1 – 5 μs *
  • Scintillation Light Yield: 80,000 ph/MeV
  • X-ray Absorption Coef. at 100 KeV: 2.88 cm-1
  • X-ray Absorption Coef. at 662 KeV: 0.13 cm-1
  • Radiation Length: 1.95 cm

* depending on sample size


  • 25mm diameter/25mm long cylinder
  • 38mm diameter/38mm long cylinder

Package Style

  • Sealed package
  • Scintillation crystal  permanently mounted to a photomultiplier tube (PMT)

Energy Resolution

< 4 % FWHM at 662 keV line of 137Cs