Helium-3 Replacement

Helium-3 Replacement

CLYC as Helium-3 Replacement

RMD has developed a small and lightweight CLYC-based neutron detector that allows for a direct drop-in He-3 replacement of currently deployed tubes.  In view of the fact that the supply of He-3 is rapidly dwindling and its cost remains very high, RMD’s CLYC-based neutron detector offers an excellent solution.

The CLYC scintillator features high thermal neutron detection efficiency, superior neutron and gamma detection and discrimination (PSD), and good photopeak energy resolution. No other Helium-3 replacement technology can assert such dual neutron and gamma detection properties. Additionally, it is capable of high-resolution gamma ray spectroscopy, which provides very accurate identification of the radiation source.

Properties of Helium-3 Replacement Detector

RMD has developed Cs2LiYCl6:Ce (CLYC) scintillators packaged in aluminum tubes to retrofit high pressure Helium-3 tubes.

CLYC detector as a replacement for He-3 (3He) tubes
Small and lightweight CLYC as a Helium-3 Replacement
  • Better sensitivity compared to 20atm He-3 tubes (with similar dimensions)
  • Full solid state construction: CLYC with SiPMs
  • High neutron GEE = 3.4MeV, i.e. effective PHD
  • PSD for gamma discrimination > 107
  • Neutron efficiency >30 cps/nv (3 x modules)
  • Power supply: 50mA @ 3 to 6V
  • Small and lightweight – 1” x 1” x 9.0”, 250g
  • Modular design, configurable sensitivity to meet the requirements
  • Configurable output – USB / SPI / TTL

He-3 Tube vs. CLYC-based He-3 Detector

Dimensions Sensitivity
15Helium-3/1520/25HS (20 atm) Ø 1”  × 8.67” 28 cps/nv
RMD He–3 sub-modules, 14cc each ⎕ 1”  × 9.00” 30 cps/nv


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