Organic Glasses

Organic Glasses

Organic Glasses

RMD has developed a tin-loaded Organic Glass Scintillator (tin-OGS), a novel organic scintillator, with gamma-ray spectroscopy and neutron/gamma pulse shape discrimination (PSD) comparable to liquid scintillators as well as single crystalline scintillators such as trans-stilbene.

RMD’ s tin-loaded Organic Glass Scintillator allows gamma-ray spectroscopy, fast neutron detection, pulse shape discrimination between gamma rays and neutrons and can be fabricated in large sizes. High light output allows for lower neutron/gamma PSD thresholds for investigation of neutrons up to very low energies. Recently, RMD has also successfully achieved boron loading into these tin-OGS to allow for thermal neutron detection in addition to fast neutron detection, PSD, and gamma-ray spectroscopy.

RMD’s Tin-Loaded Organic Glass Scintillator

  • Similar light yield and PSD as Stilbene
  • Faster decay than Stilbene
  • Successful Sn loading for gamma spectroscopy with excellent energy resolution (not possible with Stilbene)
  • Expected to be significantly cheaper and more scalable than Stilbene
  • About 2x brighter than plastic scintillators with better ER and PSD

Properties of 1″ Organic Glass Scintillator Cylinder

  • High light yield
  • Fast decay of the order of 2 ns
  • PSD FOM of ~3 at 1 MeVee threshold

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OGS Gamma-Neutron PSD Scatter Plot
OGS gamma-neutron PSD scatter plot measured under a 252Cf source
Tin-OGS Pulse Height Spectrum
Tin-OGS pulse height spectrum measured under a 137Cs source