RMD’s CLLBC Technology Successfully Integrated in Kromek’s Award-winning RIID

December 1, 2020

NEWTON, Mass., December 1, 2020 — Dynasil Corporation of America (“Dynasil” or the “Company”), a leading developer and manufacturer of optics and photonics products, optical detection and analysis technology and components for the homeland security, medical and industrial markets, today announces that CLLBC, a product of its subsidiary RMD, Inc, has been successfully integrated in Kromek’s M2R2 CLLBC Multimode Radioisotope Identification Detector (RIID) aka D5 RIID.  Kromek recently received the prestigious 2020 R&D100 Award for this new RIID.

Kromek’s D5 RIID is a small, lightweight, easy to use wearable RIID with an expansive radioisotope library featuring a resolution of 3.5% and an ultra-low false alarm rate. It continuously scans and accurately identifies radiological threats in real time, even in mixed source environments.

The D5 RIID uses RMD’s CLLBC (Cs2LiLa(Br,Cl)6:Ce) scintillation detector technology.  CLLBC combines high energy resolution and sensitivity for gamma-rays along with high efficiency detection of neutrons in a single detector.  Excellent discrimination between gamma and neutron events is also possible with CLLBC. This allows instrument makers to use a single detector in place of traditional RIID designs that utilize separate gamma and neutron detectors. High light yield of CLLBC also allows use of compact silicon photomultipliers for optical readout without any compromise in performance – a feature central to Kromek’s D5 RIID.

“CLLBC combines the best features of a LaBr3:Ce gamma detector and a He-3 neutron detector in a single, compact, low power sensor”, said Dr. Kanai Shah, President of RMD, Inc.

RMD congratulates Kromek for receiving the R&D 100 award for its D5 RIID and is proud to enable this cutting-edge product through its state-of-the-art CLLBC detector technology.

About RMD, Inc.

Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc. (RMD), is recognized worldwide as a foremost expert in the fields of radiation detection and imaging, nuclear instrumentation, and non-destructive test equipment. Since 1974, RMD’s mission has been to conduct world-class research and develop industry-leading commercial products. Today, that mission is undertaken by over 60 scientists and engineers who are more often shaping research and development rather than following it. With more than 70 awarded U.S. patents, RMD’s research and products are utilized in a wide range of scientific fields, from space science to particle physics, nuclear security, clinical diagnoses, non-destructive testing and environmental research.

RMD maintains deep relations and a strong positive reputation with U.S. government agencies, corporations, and respected universities and research institutions. It frequently partners with them to develop and advance radiation detection and high-speed imaging technologies.

About Dynasil

Dynasil Corporation of America develops and manufactures optics and photonics products, optical detection and analysis technology and components for the homeland security, medical and industrial markets. Combining world-class expertise in research and materials science with extensive experience in manufacturing and product development, Dynasil is commercializing products including dual-mode radiation detection solutions for Homeland Security and commercial applications and sensors for non-destructive testing. Dynasil has an impressive portfolio of issued and pending U.S. patents. The Company is based in Newton, MA, with additional operations in MA, MN, NY, NJ and the United Kingdom. More information about the Company is available at www.dynasil.com.