High-Speed Scintillation (HSS) Screen

High-Speed Scintillation (HSS) Screen

High-Speed Scintillation Screen

High Speed Scintillator Screen Intensity ChartHigh frame-rate X-ray imaging is a valuable tool for nondestructive testing, ballistic impact studies, in-flight projectile imaging, studies of exploding ordnances, and investigation of other high-speed applications. RMD’s High-Speed Scintillation screen (HSSTM) offers fast and bright, afterglow-free emission, high X-ray absorption, and high spatial resolution for ultra-fast imaging.

Due to the short exposures needed to avoid motion-blur, high frame rate imaging is inherently light-starved. This imposes stringent requirements on the performance of the individual system components. The key component in the imaging system is RMD’s bright and high-speed scintillation screen that converts X-rays to visible light images. RMD’s high speed scintillator screen provides a very bright emission coupled with a fast decay time, making it possible to image up to 500,000 fps without image blur.

High-speed Scintillation (HSS) ScreenRMD can manufacture High Speed Scintillator screen in large areas up to 20”×40” and in thicknesses up to 200 mg/cm2 for high-energy X-ray imaging (up to 300 kVp).

High-Speed Scintillation ScreenRMD’s HSS screens have been demonstrated with projectile imaging at a frame rate of 100,000 fps. The figure on the left shows a single frame of a projectile that was imaged while traveling at speeds of 6,710 mph (3 km/s). The 36″ x 36″ HSS screen was lens-coupled to an Ultra-17 camera from DRS Technologies.

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