Lutetium Iodide - LuI3(Ce)

Lutetium Iodide - LuI3(Ce)

High Speed X-ray Imaging Using LuI3:Ce

LuI3:Ce, Cerium-doped Lutetium Iodide, is a high density, high effective Z microcolumnar scintillation screen for high speed imaging.  Due to the microcolumnar structure of LuI3:Ce scintillator, the spatial resolution is 50 µm.  The scintillator exhibits extremely high brightness (115,000 photons/MeV) when in the form of a single crystal which translates to extremely bright microcolumnar scintillator screens as well.

Key Features

  • Ideal solution for high-speed, low afterglow applications
  • Typical size is 40 mm diameter, but is available in sizes up to 4″ × 4″
  • Afterglow following excitation by a 40 kVp X-ray source is 0.00001% at 3 ms
  • Decay time for LuI3:Ce is 3.6 ns (40%) and 30 ns (60%)

Key Benefits

  • LuI3:Ce scintillator is especially useful in applications that require high speed
  • Concentration of Ce-dopant can be tailored to adjust emission peak
  • Direct deposition onto fiber optics, or glass substrates
  • High spatial resolution, high brightness and high speed
  • Resolution, efficiency, and physical dimensions can all be tailored


Light yield excited by 40 kVp source: 50% of a 15 µm thick GOS(Tb) screen
Peak emission for Ce doping and range: 500 nm (470 – 560 nm)
Afterglow: 0.00001% at 3 ms
Decay time: < 5 ns
Spatial resolution using CCD: 12 lp/mm
Density: 5.6 g/cm3
Effective Z: 59.7

LuI3:Ce High-speed Scintillator

The high absorption efficiency, due to the Lu-content, means that this is especially suitable for hard X-ray applications. Under excitation by a lab-source at RMD at 40 kVp as shown in Figure 2 (left), the LuI3:Ce exhibits extremely low afterglow of 0.00001% at 3 ms. Additionally, experiments performed at the Advanced Photon Source (APS) at Argonne National Laboratory reveal a fast component of the decay of only 3.6 ns (40%) with a ‘slow’ component of 30 ns (60%).

LuI3(Ce) Afterglow and Emitted Light Measurements
(Left) Afterglow comparing LuI3:Ce to CsI:Tl, where LuI3:Ce has an afterglow of 0.00001% at 3 ms. (Right) Measurement performed at the 1-BM beamline at the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory, showing ~40% of the light is emitted within 3.6 ns.

Spatial Resolution

The microcolumnar structure inherent to our LuI3:Ce films is responsible for producing high spatial resolution.

LuI3(Ce) Resolution Mask Image
(Left) Resolution mask image acquired at RMD Inc. (Right) MTF showing a resolution of 12 lp/mm.

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