CLYC RadEye SPRD-GN Detector for Thermo Fisher Scientific

CLYC RadEye SPRD-GN Detector

Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector (SPRD)

RMD supplied Thermo Fisher Scientific with packaged solid state detectors based on RMD’s Cs2LiYCl6:Ce (CLYC) scintillation crystals for use in Thermo Fisher Scientific’s RadEye SPRD-GN spectroscopic personal radiation detector.

Security professionals seeking reliable radiation detection and identification for remote locations can now use Thermo Scientific’s pocket-size SPRD-GN detector designed for high-sensitivity and accuracy. Utilizing CLYC, the detector provides both gamma and neutron detection, enabling first responders to quickly locate and identify a wide range of radioactive materials with a single device.

CLYC can distinguish gamma-ray and neutron radiation using Pulse Height Discrimination (PHD) as well as more powerful Pulse Shape Discrimination (PSD). The RadEye SPRD-GN utilizes these powerful capabilities of CLYC scintillation crystals. CLYC is also capable of high resolution gamma ray spectroscopy.  This feature enables the CLYC RadEye SPRD-GN to provide accurate identification of the detected radiation.

“RMD’s world-class research and manufacturing in nuclear detection continues to be on the cutting edge of new technologies,” said Kanai Shah, Ph. D., President of RMD.  “For the past several years, RMD has collaborated with our OEM partner Thermo Fisher Scientific on the development of this RadEye SPRD product, a state of the art instrument for radiation detection.  CLYC is an example of our research transitioning into products that make a real world difference in protecting the United States from illicit nuclear materials.”

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