Flexible ECT Sensor

Flexible ECT Sensor

RMD has developed a flexible ECT sensor based on eddy current technology to enable rapid, high probability of detection (PoD) measurements along surfaces and near the edges of curved aircraft components and aircraft engine fan discs.

The benefits of using this flexible sensor technology include:

  • Improved safety and readiness of aircraft
  • New capability for detection of defects at the edges of components
  • Greater conformity to parts for improved performance
  • Solid State design offers greater durability, reliability, and cost savings

Because our flexible sensors are more uniform than existing wire-wound coil sensors and feature greater design flexibility, a larger sensitive area and higher sensitivity, the time required to perform inspections can be reduced by more than half while maintaining or improving accuracy and reliability.

Flexible Sensor Array Flexible Sensor Engine Fan Disc Inspection Flexible Sensor Bore Inspection

Left: RMD’s Flexible Sensor Array; Center: Engine fan disc inspection; Right: Bore inspection

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