Matthew Dallimore Ph.D.

Dr. Matthew Dallimore is the President of RMD Inc.  He joined RMD in 2022 from Symetrica Ltd. where he was one of the founders and served as General Manager and Chief Technology Officer.  He has an extensive R&D background in the fields of radiation detection and identification systems across a wide range of industrial, medical and Homeland Security applications.

At Symetrica Dr. Dallimore led the engineering and manufacturing teams in transitioning many research programs into successful commercial products.  He was the Program Manager and lead scientist for the Symetrica PRDS system, the PaxBag system and their He-3 free neutron detector line of products.  Dr. Dallimore was also the Chief Nuclear Scientist on the Department of Homeland Security Advanced Spectroscopic Portal (ASP) program.  During this period, Symetrica successfully provided the gamma-ray detection components as well as the isotope identification algorithms for this program.

Dr. Dallimore earned his BSc. in Physics with Space Science and his PhD in Physics from the University of Southampton.